Old Capitol Criterium http://www.oldcapcrit.com Chris Lillig Memorial Cup & Old Capitol Criterium Wed, 03 Jul 2013 14:24:23 +0000 en-US hourly 1 http://wordpress.org/?v=3.6.1 2013 Results Now Online http://www.oldcapcrit.com/2013-results-now-online/ http://www.oldcapcrit.com/2013-results-now-online/#comments Tue, 30 Apr 2013 12:11:43 +0000 Mark Guthart http://www.oldcapcrit.com/?p=3144 Wow – what a FANTASTIC weekend for racing!

A HUGE thank you to everyone who made the weekend such a success: the sponsors, the volunteers, the spectators, the racers, and everyone in between. The event couldn’t happen without all of you, and for that we THANK YOU!

Results from this year’s Chris Lillig Memorial Cup/Old Capitol Criterium are now available:

  1. Road Race
  2. Time Trial
  3. Old Capitol Criterium
  4. Chris Lillig Memorial Cup Omnium
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Flyover Leader’s Jersey Announced! http://www.oldcapcrit.com/leaders-jersey-201/ http://www.oldcapcrit.com/leaders-jersey-201/#comments Fri, 12 Apr 2013 15:20:33 +0000 Mark Guthart http://www.oldcapcrit.com/?p=3127 We are pleased to announce that Mt. Borah has stepped in to add its support to The 2013 Flyover Championship Race Series. Mt. Borah is known for designing and manufacturing the highest quality custom sports apparel, 100 percent in the USA. The MB team has worked together to create the design for the Flyover Leaders Jersey. Racing is not possible without the generous support of our sponsors. Please take a moment to visit the www.mtborah.com website to see their complete product line. We would like to encourage our athletes to support our sponsors.

“Mt. Borah is honored to handcraft and present the leader’s jerseys for the 2013 Flyover Championship Race Series. We wish good luck to all the racers and look forward to outfitting each and every unique leader during the race with a custom tailored jersey.”

- MB Team

Flyover Jersey Flyover Jersey

]]> http://www.oldcapcrit.com/leaders-jersey-201/feed/ 0 FREE Wheelset Drawing! http://www.oldcapcrit.com/free-wheelset-drawing-2013/ http://www.oldcapcrit.com/free-wheelset-drawing-2013/#comments Wed, 27 Mar 2013 02:01:54 +0000 Mark Guthart http://www.oldcapcrit.com/?p=3117 Our sponsor, Williams Cycling, has offered to donate a System 30 wheelset to be given away at the Chris Lillig Memorial Cup/Old Capitol Criterium!

Here’s how the free drawing works:

Each registered rider (all categories/divisions qualify) will be given a FREE entry form to a drawing for the chance to win a Williams Cycling System 30 wheelset. Every registered rider is eligible to win by entering their name using the drawing form provided free at registration. To enter, simply fill out the entry form with your name, email, and cell number. At the awards ceremony following the Mens Pro/1/2 Old Capitol Criterium, a drawing will be held to determine the winner of the Williams Cycling System 30 wheelset. The wheelset will be presented to the winner of the drawing, and YOU MUST BE PRESENT to win. The drawing will continue until a present winner claims the prize.

We would like to thank Williams Cycling for their generosity and support. Without great sponsors like Williams Cycling, racing events could not happen. Please thank our sponsors and take a moment to view their entire product portfolio on their website: www.williamscycling.com

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Registration Now Open! http://www.oldcapcrit.com/registration-now-open-2013/ http://www.oldcapcrit.com/registration-now-open-2013/#comments Sun, 03 Mar 2013 21:10:42 +0000 Mark Guthart http://www.oldcapcrit.com/v2/?p=3100 Register online today at USA Cycling.]]> http://www.oldcapcrit.com/registration-now-open-2013/feed/ 0 http://www.oldcapcrit.com/3097/ http://www.oldcapcrit.com/3097/#comments Sun, 16 Dec 2012 23:43:59 +0000 Mark Guthart http://www.oldcapcrit.com/v2/?p=3097 http://www.oldcapcrit.com/3097/feed/ 0 Thank Our Sponsors http://www.oldcapcrit.com/thank-our-sponsors/ http://www.oldcapcrit.com/thank-our-sponsors/#comments Sat, 15 Dec 2012 15:49:30 +0000 Mark Guthart http://www.oldcapcrit.com/v2/?p=3054

Take a minute to say “Thank You”

Our sponsors help make the Chris Lillig Memorial Cup and Old Capitol Criterium the successful event that it is through donations in time, energy, and money.

Please give them your thanks by visiting their business, their website, and/or sending an email. Anything to tell them that you appreciate their support for the event.

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Frequently Asked Questions http://www.oldcapcrit.com/frequently-asked-questions/ http://www.oldcapcrit.com/frequently-asked-questions/#comments Thu, 14 Apr 2011 19:21:46 +0000 http://www.oldcapcrit.com/v2/?p=2748
  • What is RokFeatureTable?

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  • What is the Gantry Framework?

Gantry is an advanced framework that powers our latest themes, offering an excellent foundation, full of features.

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Register to Race http://www.oldcapcrit.com/register-to-race/ http://www.oldcapcrit.com/register-to-race/#comments Thu, 14 Apr 2011 19:19:08 +0000 Mark Guthart http://www.oldcapcrit.com/v2/?p=2746
Road Race
$2500 in prizes
Omnium Points
Iowa Cup points available
13-mile loop
Rolling Hills
First wave starts at 9:00 am
Second wave starts at 11:30 am
Fairview Mennonite Church
Register Online Registration NOW Open!
Time Trial
$1000 in prizes
Omnium Points
1 lap of Road Race course
Rolling Hills
Racing starts at 2:30 pm
Fairview Mennonite Church
Register Online Registration NOW Open!
Old Capitol
$2500 in prizes
Omnium Points
36th Annual Edition!
1km loop
1 major climb
Racing starts at 9:30 am
FREE Kids Races at 1:00 pm
Downtown Iowa City
Register Online Registration NOW Open!
Chris Lillig Memorial Cup Omnium
$4000 in prizes
Stage 1 of The Flyover
Midwest Omnium Race Series
LAJRS Event for Juniors
MUST Race All 3 Events to Qualify
Most points wins the Omnium
Old Capitol Criterium used
as the tie-breaker
Register Online Registration NOW Open!
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Plan Your Trip http://www.oldcapcrit.com/plan-your-trip/ http://www.oldcapcrit.com/plan-your-trip/#comments Thu, 14 Apr 2011 19:18:22 +0000 Mark Guthart http://www.oldcapcrit.com/v2/?p=2744
Where is the Road Race and Time Trial?
The Start/Finish for the road race and time trial are at the Fairview Mennonite Church, 7 miles southwest of Iowa City and north of Kalona. For a map of the course, including elevation, check out the map on MapMyRide.


Where is the Criterium?
The Start/Finish for the Old Capitol Criterium is at the intersection of Clinton and Washington Streets in downtown Iowa City, Iowa. For a map of the course, including elevation, check out the map on MapMyRide.


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Volunteer http://www.oldcapcrit.com/volunteer/ http://www.oldcapcrit.com/volunteer/#comments Thu, 14 Apr 2011 19:15:30 +0000 Mark Guthart http://www.oldcapcrit.com/v2/?p=2742


We need your help! The Chris Lillig Memorial Cup and Old Capitol Criterium would not be a success without the help of hundreds of volunteers who support the event.

Time commitments can range from as short as an hour to as long as you’re willing to contribute. Let us know if you can help – we’d love to have you, your spouse, your friends, your neighbors, etc.

And as a special incentive, volunteers receive a special thank-you gift as well!

Volunteer Positions Available

We are actively seeking volunteers to fulfill a number of positions:

  • Saturday: Corner marhsals for the road race and/or time trial
  • Saturday: Lead/follow vehicle drivers for the road race
  • Sunday: Setup crew members in the morning
  • Saturday: Corner marhsals for the criterium
  • Saturday: Tear-down crew members in the afternoon

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